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April Highlander Step by Step Fence

Place a 2" strip of HeatNBond on the back of the wood fabric. We had to piece the HeatNBond to make it long enough. Using a ruler, cut 2, 3/4"x 24 1/2" strips for the fence rails. Cut out 6 Fence Posts.

Cut your background to size, since this will have applique, we cut it 8 1/2" x 25" to start. With an erasable utensil, mark 1/4" over on both sides and 1" from the bottom.

Place your bottom fence rail on the 1" mark. Then put the top rail 3/4" above the bottom one. Tip The fence posts are 3/4" wide, I placed them in between the rails as a quick measurement. Stitch down the rails.

To quickly add the fence posts with the right spacing, I cut a scrap piece of paper 3 1/2" wide and marked the center. Place the square on the center of the block and put a fence post on either side of the paper. Line the bottoms up with the bottom of the block. Press those fence posts down. Then continue to use the paper to add the rest of the fence posts.

Stitch the fence posts down.

Sew the brown/gray piece to the bottom. We will add more applique next month so don't trim to size just yet!

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