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It's coming......

It's coming......

I know for some, this may be a bit early, but we do live in Wyoming.....  Hunting!  Some of us hunt, some are happy their special someone is hunting and we get to sew!  We just got in some gorgeous new elk fabric and I know it won't last till hunting season.  What a surprise it would be for you to sew a beautiful quilt while your hunter is away!  

Have a safe upcoming July 4th!  We are very blessed to live in this country and to have the freedoms that we do.  Thank you to all the Service men and women who have fought for those freedoms.  

Does your spouse ever feel this way?  When we saw this we just had to giggle.  I think our spouses understand that when we say we are headed to the fabric store and will be back in a few minutes, it really means, "see you in a few hours!"

We have this gorgeous fabric that really is beautiful but durable.  It is great to be used as an upholstery fabric but can be used to make so many other projects.  This gum drop pillow can be made from all kinds of fabric.  

A little trivia for you.

Q. How do you test a piece of fabric to see if it is silk?
Try to set it on fire. Burned silk smells just like burned hair.

Q. Which expression is said to be derived from the amount of fabric was needed to make the most fancy coat for a man of fashion?

A. The whole nine yards. In England of the early 1700s the upper classes went to great excess and nine yards of single-fold fabric is approximately the amount of fabric needed for a good three-piece suit, so the explanation bears some merit. 


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