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Quilt Show

Quilt Show

We wanted to remind you that the Quilting on the Green starts on Friday, May 30.  The Merchant Mall and Quilt Viewing is open to the public from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.  The cost of admission is $2.00.  On Saturday it is open at 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.  

You can even take a class from our vary own Geralyn Powers along with a few other ladies on Saturday.  

We have several booklets here at the shop if you should need one.  

We unfortunately will not be able to make it to the show this year but please support this wonderful quilt show.  We will be there next year. 



A Quilter Gets Organized

by Jenny Riley

My home lacks care, my garden wilts,
I’ll have to give up making quilts
Once stitching filled an hour or two
Now it’s the only thing I do

Even the time to sit and dream
Is ousted from my busy scheme
Some sense of guilt prefaced my mind
Uneasiness…. Vague….ill-defined

I’ll have to change my life around
If peace of mind is to be found
I love to quilt, well this is true
But there’s other things I want to do

I visualise my garden flowers
Among them I’ll spend happy hours
And trellised roses round the door
Fulfill my dreams of multi-flor

I’ll give my fabric stash away
Or sell it, then perhaps I may
Have cash to spare for many things
I don’t have now, like diamond rings.

My old machine, well, cut it loose
It won’t be any further use
My board and cutter they can go
I’m going to watch my garden grow

My family it will be seen 
Look neat, and each novella cuisine
I’m out to prove the day is past
When quilts came first and they came last

I’m going to have a trimmer me
I can be slim again, you’ll see
For years my hobby made me sit
Perhaps a gym would make me fit

My quilting groups can have my books
Now I’m concentrating on my looks
I’ll paint my nails a brilliant hue
Might even buy a dress or two

This time there’ll be no compromise
The name of the game is organize
I won’t need to fiddle the household accounts
To buy patchwork fabric in large amounts

I know the decision I’ve made is right
I can see my future is looking bright
Yes I’ll stick to my plan, resolve my guilt
After I’ve made just one more quilt!!

Here are a few acronyms that will educate you and sure to give you a giggle!

HSY Haven’t Started Yet 

PHD Project Half Done 

MGBTQ Must Get Back To Quilting

WIVSP Work in Very Slow Progress

TOAD Trashed Object Abandoned in Disgust

USO Unstarted Object

STASH Special Treasures All Secretly Hidden

SABLE Stash Accumulation Beyond Life Expectancy

FART Fabric Acquisition Road Trip ( I do that all the time!!)

TGIF Thank God It’s Friday is the usual acronym but quilters like Thank God It’s Finished.

WIWMI Wish It Would Make Itself

WWIT What Was I Thinking?

And finally WOMBAT Waste of Material, Batting and Time (This one is close to my own Heart!!).


Happy Quilting

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